RIP Uncle Dave

A sad day with some high mileage at the weekend as I took a day trip to beautiful Taunton for the funeral of my Uncle Dave, who sadly died last week after a relatively short struggle with a form of cancer.

wpid-wp-1400489865764.jpegHere’s the cover of the funeral booklet, included here because it’s such a great picture of him.

Dave always had a very dry sense of humour so I think he would have appreciated the funeral – especially the readings by Glyn and Gary (his two sons, my cousins); while bursting with love and pride for their Dad they were also full of humour and more than once raised smiles in the packed crematorium.

Sadly, Taunton is such a long way from London that we could only stay for an hour after the funeral.  I caught an early morning train to Swindon, was picked up by my brother, then we drove to Bristol to pick up Conny, before heading down to Taunton, arriving just in time to grab lunch at a nearby pub.  I finally got home to Bexley just after 10 that night!

But I figure a little bit of travelling is the least you can do when a decent and likeable man like Dave has died.



  1. Your Uncle Dave is looking not too old.I can understand that how painful and memorable his funeral for you. Wish him RIP

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