Vote for me and I’ll set you free!

wpid-img_20140522_064603.jpgBusy day yesterday – not only did I have to go and vote for myself in the local council elections again (and some other bunch of chancers in somewhere called “Europe”), but my new office was officially ready!

Well, perhaps “ready” is too strong a word; “inhabitable” might be more appropriate.  Nevertheless, I had to leave the house, catch the train into town and sit in a building with four other working people, which was very novel after six months of working from home.

I managed to be surprised by how busy it was, even out of rush hour, but even more surprised by how young people seemed.  That’s not a consequence of me being old (well, I don’t think it is), more to do with the average age here in Bexley, which is older than me.

Oh, and it was also nice to see people wearing something other than “sports casual”, which has long been the fashion for men in Bexley.

Regarding election results, there’s still no word, but I’m hopeful of not coming last this time.  We bumped into one of our neighbours on the way back from voting who told me I’d won their vote.

It might be only two votes, but it was really encouraging to hear – Amber was even more excited than I was! 🙂


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