Return to commuting

Everything’s back to “normal” after the six month interlude of working from home.  The office in Farringdon is complete (mostly…somewhat…) and I have returned to the world of commuting!

LondonThe time spent getting to work is quite nice.  Non-Londoners are often aghast that it takes me over an hour to get to work (and another hour to get back home), but remember, I’m not driving, so that time is spent comfortably seated, listening to music, reading, Facebooking or Redditing, watching videos, thinking or even just taking a nap.

It’s nice, quiet, “me” time. 🙂

There are no distractions, other than remembering to get off the train at Cannon Street station.  I get some much-needed exercise from the 25 minute walk to the office from the station (it’s given me blisters after languishing at home for so long, but I could do with the exercise).

And it’s nice to be around people again, to hear see and – this may sound odd – but to smell them again.  Having been cooped up at home the only smells were usually the toast I cooked for lunch and – rather less appetising – myself, sometimes.

The smells of perfume, food, deodorant, rain, warm pavements – I’ve missed them all without even realising they were gone.

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