Office facilities

It’s nice working in an office after six months of working from home – except for the toilets.

stcrossstI now spend my days in a pretty average building on St Cross Street in London’s bustling Farringdon. The office has been redecorated and refitted for us; it’s still a work in progress (we just got a bin yesterday and today a dishwasher turned up), but it’s fine – except for the toilets.

We’re on the second floor, which we share (as far as I can tell) with three other businesses.  We also share our toilets – or toilet, as it is now, because 48 hours after we arrived the bulb blew in one of the two cubicles.

The next day some workmen arrived and taped up the urinals.

The day after that they locked the door of the remaining cubicle with a working light bulb, so we now have a single functioning – but dark! – toilet.

Fortunately, the next floor up has the same toilets as we do, except they’re properly lit and fully functional.

But if you’re prepared to put in a bit of effort and make your way to the fourth storey it’s a whole different story – their toilets have a modern hand-dryer, nice sinks and modern toilets – all well-lit and functioning.

The really funny part is, if you look through the doors into the offices on that floor – they’re all vacant!

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