Millie at the Royal Festival Hall

Exciting news this morning, as Millie has been chosen to play at the Royal Festival Hall!

No, seriously, she has!

She’s one of six from her recorder class playing in a concert there on the 23rd.

RFHThe Royal Festival Hall!  The Royal Festival Hall!

The recorder’s not even her favourite instrument (she much prefers the violin) but she and five others are going up to the RFH to play an evening gig.

Millie’s over the moon about it, and the Lovely Melanie and I both jolly impressed, too – we’ve been to see “proper” gigs at the RFH, with actual stars worth paying money for.

And now we’re paying money to see our daughter up there.  Well done, Millie, we’re very proud of you! 🙂


  1. Congratulations! That is very exciting.
    Many years ago when my oldest son was in high school, he was in a vocal group which had been very successful in school competitions. Their group was selected to perform with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in a series of special performances. As a parent, it was one of those over-the-top proud moments.
    I think I know exactly how you are feeling and that bursting feeling of pride that will come with the actual performance. I admit I actually cried.


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