LeeFest 2014!

Some good job news –  I spent the best part of a day last week rewriting the covering letter I send to potential employers, making it worthy of a good copywriter.  It must have worked because the next application I sent came back within 24 hours offering an interview the next day.

So, that was nice, and the interview seemed to go well, too, which was a nice lead-in to…

Camping at LeeFest 2014
Camping at LeeFest 2014

LeeFest!  Where we’ve spent the last two days having a wonderful time in unexpectedly beautiful sunshine!

After having such an amazing time last year the girls’ practically demanded we go again this year, and I certainly wasn’t going to disagree with them – we even managed to persuade Auntie Kris, over from Australia for a few weeks, to spend some of her valuable UK there with us. 🙂

The day before we went it seemed we might have made a terrible mistake because it rained – hard – for most of the day, some of the worst weather we’ve seen for months.  The Lovely Melanie was taking the girls’ sun dresses and flip-flops out of the rucksacks and replacing them with wellies and jumpers.  But by the time we arrived at Highams Hill Farm in South London, proud home of LeeFest, the rain had stopped, the sun had come out and the ground was just about dry.

Auntie Kris & I DRUNK at LeeFest

It was perfect weather for a festival: hot but with just enough cloud to keep us from boiling (we only woke up to a slightly damp field and tent on Sunday).

The girls had their faces painted, did some African drumming, danced to some bands, played on the beach, won a glitter-wrestling competition (Amber), learned to do cart-wheels (Millie) and…oh just tonnes of stuff.

Auntie Kristine and I had a bloody fantastic Friday night getting very drunk (my last sent text of the night reads “A gyre y guys tend r4eashjeui7!”), dancing till 2am and chatting with loads of lovely people.  Admittedly, I regretted going quite so mad when I woke on Saturday, but after – ahem – clearing my stomach a couple of times I eventually rallied in time to catch some dinner and some bands (but no more alcohol).

Sunny Saturday at LeeFest 2014
Sunny Saturday at LeeFest

Thanks again to the eponymous Lee Denny (organiser of LeeFest) for putting on such a fantastic festival.  Lee, you made some rather old people and some rather young people very happy this weekend. 🙂

And that’s one of the best things about LeeFest.  Obviously, the weather and the bands and the booze and the people were all great, but the thing that really made it for us was that both the adults and kids had about as much fun as it’s possible to have in a field.

At the same time.

Amber glitter wrestling at LeeFest
Glitter wrestling champion!

There was no following the kids about while they did nice but slightly dull children’s stuff.  No children being forced to watch boring bands they’d never heard of.  Somehow LeeFest managed to hit a perfect balance of fun for grown-up and children – unpretentious and full of all different ages and types.

And that was even before I found that LeeFest is a non-profit-making venture, with all the extra income going to charity, and I realised there’s no corporate sponsorship either – no massive billboards or endless posters telling you how great beer X is or mobile phone Y or trainer Z.

And one final observation: there was a little quadcopter/drone flying above the campsite filming bands and people all weekend.  Everyone was fascinated by it, swooping about the place like a tiny ADHD helicopter; but I predict that next year this sort of thing will be absolutely commonplace…

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