Return of the prodigal

Let’s just pretend I haven’t been away for the best part of a month, shall we?  Imagine there wasn’t an August in 2014. 😉

People have asked what happened: was I too depressed to write?  Kidnapped by aliens?  Taken a vow of silence?  Broken both wrists?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure myself.  I joked about taking time off to look after the girls over the school summer holidays, but actually our original childcare plans remained intact, with the girls going to visit my parents’ in Swindon, the Lovely Melanie’s parents in Hatfield, and even to Bristol, visiting Auntie Conny for a few days. 🙂

All of which helped me to search for work – never a fast process.  Mostly, however, my drive to write simply evaporated.  I thought about blogging – planning and shaping entries in my head as I automatically do – but they never made it to the keyboard.  Having been blogging continuously for over a decade it was an odd feeling, as though something was missing or I was being naughty.

We had some real fun over the holidays and none of it has been recorded here, which is nagging at my conscience, but the good news is that my blogging sabbatical has paid off.  The girls went back to school today and I go back to work on Monday, this time as a Technical Writer near King’s Cross.

The Lovely Melanie also goes full-time next week – as opposed to the three days she’s been working since 2006, when she returned after Millie was born.  She’ll be working from home on Fridays, but it’s going to be quite a different dynamic in our house; let’s hope it works out!

One comment

  1. So pleased you’ve got a new job sorted Stu. I was a bit worried when you seemed to go all quiet for a while too and wondered if that old black cloud was looming again. Glad to hear you’ve had a great summer. Maybe you just needed time off from everything to get perspective and reconnect with the outside world. Hope things continue to go upwards for you.x


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