Release the bats – er, butterflies!

If you’ve ever needed cheering up then I highly recommend letting some small(-ish) children keep some caterpillars; watch them turn into a chrysalis, hatch, and then release them into the wild.

We’ve had some caterpillars for about a month now; they hatched from their chrysalises on Friday and were released Sunday, once they were strong enough to fly.

The girls have been fascinated by the whole process, but were particularly spellbound by the emergence from the chrysalis.  Both of them were sat round the net container, watching as five painted ladies emerged into the light after a fortnight’s metamorphosis.

Butterflies in BexleyAnd Sunday they were shrieking with delight as we opened up the container and I coaxed each one onto my finger, lifted them up, letting them wobble into the air and away.  It was a lovely moment. 🙂

The caterpillars arrived in the post – a birthday present for Millie from my parents – but we were all fascinated by their astonishing life-cycle and will getting some more next year.

A bit less fascinating at the weekend was the Olympic Park in East London – scene of the 2012 Olympics.  It was recommended to us as a great experience but I was left pretty cold by the whole thing.  If it hadn’t been for the Invictus Games taking place on the day then it would have actually been disappointing.

That’s not the non-sports fan in me talking, it was just a bit underwhelming.  Lots of walking about in former waste ground converted to reasonably nice green spaces; some nice stadiums, some excellent children’s playgrounds…  And that was about it.

Olympic Park fountainsMy favourite part of the day was when we arrived early on a cool Saturday morning, grey clouds hanging overhead, and the girls immediately stripped to their pants and ran into the fountains, delighted by the nicely choreographed jets of water!

Other children hovered around the edges, laughing and smiling, but only ours ran in and spent half an hour whooping, hollering and getting soaked!

Fortunately, the Lovely Melanie knows our children well and had heard about the fountains previously, so towels had been brought with us. 😉

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