The Big Trev Trip 2014

Big Trev Trip 2014It was another storming year for the Big Trev Trip – the annual invasion of Yarmouth in the Isle of Wight to celebrate the birthday of my brother, Trev.

We remember him through the medium of laughter, fun and drinking, which is what he would have wanted. 🙂

It was my turn to deal with the organisational side of things this year.  Trying to chase up the money to pay for our accommodation is never fun but for some reason this year was more work than usual!  No matter, we got there in the end, with a compliment of 28 people and enough booze to sink HMS Victory!

Thanks to Amit for stepping in to cook the traditional dinner for all on Friday night and to Rich May for his inspired Boney M tribute act – Phoney M – on Saturday.  Let’s hope that becomes a regular occurrence!

There’s an album of photos on Flickr…

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