Trying it on with the Tooth Fairy

tooth-shaped letter
The tooth-shaped letter

At breakfast this morning…

AMBER: Daddy, Daddy, the tooth fairy brought me a golden coin! And I left her a letter! I made it in the shape of a tooth!

ME: Well, well, well. What did your letter say?

AMBER: It said, er, “Dear Tooth Fairy, thank you for, er, coming. I have, er, left you a tooth… Happy Christmas, love from Amber.”

ME: “Happy Christmas”?

AMBER: ..Yeah.

ME: Can I read the letter?

AMBER: ..Yeah?

Amber's Tooth Fairy letter
Actual Tooth Fairy letter

Here’s the actual letter written to the Tooth Fairy.

Fair play to the girl for trying, but the Tooth Fairy operates very differently to Father Christmas.

And here’s a picture of the cheeky lady herself, sans a second tooth…

Amber's second missing tooth

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