More chickens

Not for the first time on this blog, we have a couple of new arrivals – welcome two Rhode Island Reds, Winter and Jewel, to our our happy family. I wanted to call Winter something else –  Firestorm the Nuclear Chicken – but was overruled at the last minute. Boo!

These two are rescue chickens, as usual, but unusually they’re from SCAR – Second Chance Animal Rescue – rather than the British Hen Welfare Trust (no particular reason for this, other than we wanted some chickens and SCAR had some chickens needing homes…)

Winter and Jewel were in surprisingly good condition for rescue hens and settled into our garden within minutes of being released – I’ve never seen rescue hens do that before; usually they’re skittish and nervous as hell, but these ladies wandered out of the box and just started scratching about.

There were some initial nerves when some wood pigeons landed, but by the time the garden was filled out with a couple of squirrels, a robin, a blackbird and our current two chickens, Queen Cool and Flamingo, it was like they’d always lived here.

And I’m amazed how well  they’ve settled down well with those current queens of the garden.  Flamingo’s a bit of a bully, to be honest, so we were expecting proper chicken trouble there, but no; after some fluffing of breasts, a bit of crowing and clucking and the occasional chase, all seems fine, and the four of them are all tucked up together in the coop as I write!

Now here’s hoping we get some eggs. Between them Queen Cool and Flamingo lay, on average, 2-3 eggs a month.  Which is a bit shoddy, I’m sure you’ll agree.  With the new ladies safely installed I’m hoping for 2-3 eggs a day!

No pictures yet.  They’re relatively healthy looking Rhode Island Reds – unlikely to win any prizes, but in a far better state than Chicken Licken, Lily and Dave were, back in 2012.

Thanks, as always, to our friends Nick and Liz for helping us out with some transport!

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