It’s so exciting

“Daddy,” Amber whispered, as I gave her a kiss good night, “it’s SO exciting!”  And she gave me a big hug

“Is it?” I replied.  “What is?”

“Well,” she began, taking a deep breath, “first of all, tomorrow is my school trip, and we’re going on a coach!” (actually, she has been on a school trip on a coach before…)

“Wow – no more ‘school trips’ to the woods behind our house,” I smiled. “Where are you – oh, of course, you’re going to the Fire Brigade Museum, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” And I got another hug.

“I’d quite like to go there,” I said, “you’ll have to tell me what it’s like.”

“But even better than that, it’s only one day until Izzy is coming to stay!”

“Grampy says your cousin is even more excited than you are, she’s… Wait a minute – one day?  She’s coming Friday evening. Today’s Wednesday.”

Getting serious about her maths, little fingers were called into play.  “Today is finished, so that doesn’t count; there’s tomorrow, one day, and the next day she’s coming!  I can’t wait to see Izzy!”

“And Nanny and Grampy?” I prompted.

“It’s only one day until Izzy is coming!”

XKCD technically

“Well, technically…” I began -and then remembered this comic from just a couple a of days earlier.

And I smiled, laughed and agreed.

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