Saturday night – it’s for young people

The Lovely Melanie stayed in last night (Satuday).  Millie didn’t, she was out (birthday) partying in Bexleyheath – bowling, dining and gaming.

I was supposed to be going out as well – to see Clinic play live in Putney – but… I didn’t.  Thursday and Friday I was off work with flu, and Putney seemed a very long way away. So, it was left to Millie to take over the Saturday night partying, and for me to stay in and read a book about insects.

Still, at least I wasn’t wearing a onesie or slippers.  Things haven’t gotten that bad yet.


Friday night, the Carter family stayed in and watched Coraline together, which was nice.  Unless you were Amber, in which case it was terrifying!  She barely could watch it half the time – even nine-year-old Millie was a bit spooked.

In fact, even 40-year-old Lovely Melanie turned to me at one point and said “This is horrible!”  Then, this morning, she asked if I thought The Terminator was suitable for Millie. :-O

It wasn’t the violence or killing or the cyborg cutting his own eye out that worried her, it was the – whisper it – possibility of any sex being shown.

Sometimes, I don’t understand my wife.

I was more concerned about the scene where the Terminator cuts his own face open with a knife, prises out his eyeball, then sews the socket back up, before checking his collection of weapons and heading back out to kill loads more people.

I mean, The Terminator is a great film.  I first it at age 13, when naughty Uncle Jason brought it round whilst babysitting.  He tipped us a wink and said “Don’t tell your parents.”  I was over the moon, having just finished reading the novelisation of the film the week before.

That was a seminal moment in my teenage years, I can tell you! 🙂

Compared to that, the prospect of seeing naked grown-ups in bed together where they may (or may not) have used their penises and vaginas (and other organs) for sexual pleasure and (occasionally) making babies…  Well, that didn’t seem very terrible at all.

And even if it did, I long ago made an unspoken promise to answer any question my children had for me, no matter how “embarrassing” or uncomfortable.  Answers might need to be tailored according to age and maturity, yes, but never ever swept under the carpet.


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