Nice ice

The girls were nearly late for school this morning, but not (thankfully) because of arguing or naughtiness.

Nope, today’s tardiness was due to us ice skating in the woods. 😀

It was darn cold this morning, and we discovered a large puddle had frozen over on the other side of the woods behind our house. Both girls were amazed and delighted, so we spent five minutes there, skidding about, trying to crack the ice and having fun before rushing off to school!

I got caught by surprise – and sans hat.  There was virtually no frost on the lawn and it didn’t look cold; at least, not from the lovely warm vantage point of my breakfast table, next to the shimmering heat haze of the radiator.

By the time I got to the station my head was hurting and my ears were numb.  I know I make it look cool, but sometimes baldness can be harsh, man.


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