The magical bond of sisterhood

It’s a saddening experience to hear of your children behaving badly. It’s even more disheartening when that behaviour is towards their own sister.

Isn’t it, Amber?

What’s that, Amber?  I can’t hear you.

Yes, Daddy.

(So, er, I seem to be telling off an imaginary version of my youngest daughter through the medium of a blog that she doesn’t read.  Bear with…)

If someone is being mean to Millie we stick up for them, don’t we, Amber?  We do not bloody well join in and pick on her as well.

And yes, well done for getting dressed and tidying your room without being asked to this morning, but you’ve only done it because you knew you were in for a bollocking.  Nice try.

What’s that?  Yes, I know you’re sorry, but it’s a horrible thing to do, picking on your own sister with another girl.  What the hell were you thinking of??  Mummy and I are very disappointed in you, Amber Grace Carter.

I’m not going to say any more, but I want you to promise me that this will never happen again.

If you ever see anyone being mean to your sister – and Millie, this goes for you, as well – you go and help your sister, is that quite clear?  Millie’s your sister, part of your family, and you always help your family when they need it, OK?

I can’t hear you – look at me and speak up.

Yes, Daddy.

Right.  I don’t ever want to have a conversation like this again.


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