Vanished City

What isn’t there to love about the South East London Folklore Society? (SELFS, for short).

They meet in a pub (the “blokiest” pub in London Bridge, in fact), are largely populated by bearded gentle souls, the organiser goes by the name Nigel of Bermondsey and sports a very natty line in tweed and moustachery, they meet once a month and talk about…stuff.

Last night’s subject was the “Vanished City; London’s Lost Neighbourhoods” and didn’t disappoint; speaker Tom Bolton talked for an hour about “the most feared neighbourhood in the Western world, London’s first Olympic Park, its first port, the original Grub Street, a high society spa resort, an occult square, a landscape of ancient, mythical kings, a notorious slum, and the streets stalked by the first London serial killer.”

Something for everyone there, wouldn’t you agree?  It was so good, in fact, that I bought Tom’s latest book, The Vanished City.

It was also lovely to meet my friend Claire there, who I’ve seldom seen since sixth form days at Swindon New College.  Isn’t it great when you don’t see someone for many many years and they turn out to be just as nice as you remember?

In other news, Amber’s bedroom has been redecorated – mostly turquoise, no pink, hurrah! – and some good news about my job, in that I am being shared with the Marketing Department once my work dries up in Research & Development next month.

So, probably less chance of redundancy. 😉

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