The Twister Sisters

Amber spends more time than is probably healthy watching YouTube videos. She especially likes two sets of sisters who do crazy stuff online, such as eating chillis or “Russian Roulette” with unmarked tins of food.

Seriously, she spends hours watching these things!

Last week I explained that it wasn’t hard to make a video and stick it online – that’s kind of the point of YouTube!  Why don’t we, I suggested, do our own?

So, this Sunday, we did.  It’s a first effort and has a ramshackle feel, but the girls come across surprisingly well, I think.

The final version took about five or six takes – getting the format right, getting the girls to look at the camera, speak clearly and not ramble. And they were so pleased when I showed them the finished product this morning. So, can I ask a favour – would you mind “liking” their Twister Sisters video, below?

And if you have any requests or suggestions for future videos then let me know – because Millie’s suggestion of “Doing a massive loom band” really isn’t going to cut it!


  1. Hey, your 2nd cousin Mark here. We haven’t met irl for a long long time but I have been a fan of your blog since Millie was born. As your two are slightly older than my kids (6 and 4) I’ve been reading it to know what to expect next.

    Anyway, I showed my kids the video and told them it was their (3rd) cousins. Casper (age 6) had an epiphany that anyone could upload something to YouTube and so he has uploaded his first two videos (him playing Angry Birds)
    So – you can tell Millie and Amber they have inspired him 🙂

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