Shakespeare Rocks!

Last night’s second performance of Shakespeare Rocks! (featuring Miss Millie Harriet Carter!) was a smash hit.

Shakespeare Rocks!Good reviews had filtered back via the Lovely Melanie, who went to the opening night (lack of a babysitter for Amber meant we went on different nights). However, I was still unprepared for how bloody good the show was!

The entire Year 5 at Hurst Primary always do a big show: almost a hundred 8-9 year olds, singing and dancing and acting and dressing up onstage in front of hundreds of adults. They’ve all been on this stage before – for assemblies, nativity plays, etc., but this is the first time I’ve seen it organised on quite such a grand scale – and done so very very well.

The big change I noticed were the proper performances by many of the players, no longer rote recital of lines, and this made Shakespeare Rocks! properly funny and entertaining. I’ve always enjoyed assemblies and nativities by my children – because they’re my children – but last night was pretty enjoyable all by itself.

There were boys hamming it up dressed as girls, girls pretending to be boys, excellent comic timing – even a little ad-libbing, I suspect, on display – as well as some quite moving solo performances by the more dramatically gifted cast members.

Millie had just a very small part (as Babs, one of the three witches from MacBeth), which was exactly what she wanted. Unlike – ahem – certain other of my offspring, Millie’s not interested in being the centre of attention. She asked for a small speaking part, was given a small speaking part, and enjoyed her small speaking part, perfectly happy to watch others soak up the applause.

And I was just as proud of her performance! 🙂

Here’s some film of her moment of glory:


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