Winning in Weymouth

It’s a quiet week here in Bexley – but an easy one, with the girls away in Weymouth with their cousin, Izzy, and  my parents.

Waking up Monday morning I was quite confused – should I get up now and go into work nice and early, or enjoy the peace and quiet in bed for another 45 minutes? Which train should I catch to work? What time did I want to get home in the evening?

All decisions normally made for me by having to take the girls to school then catch the next available train (the 8.59, timetable fans).

In the end, I compromised and caught the 8.34. Mind you, yesterday I went crazy and caught the 7.46!

The Lovely Melanie hasn’t altered her schedule one bit – she’s still catching the very first train in the morning.

Speaking of trains, we had some lovely news for Millie: her entry for a competition with Southeastern Trains, to draw and colour the station cat, has been chosen as the winner. Out of all the entries received across the Southeastern region!

Millie’s won a family day pass to travel anywhere in the Southeastern region, a family pass to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and a goodie bag of some kind.

Penny FallsBut she was more interested in her winnings on the Penny Falls in Weymouth when we spoke to her on Ooovoo her last night.

Sadly, we don’t have a photo of the winning entry; it was done on a school morning so there wasn’t really time. However, Millie put a lot of thought and effort into hers – as she always does with drawing and making things, so I’m quite pleased she won.

Amber’s effort was nice, but nowhere near as patient or polished – again, as always.

Millie’s talents lie in the visual and the written arts; Amber’s more towards the performing arts. 😉

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