The struggle with Dabs – Part 2

(see previous post if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about here).

and so it came to pass that the man tired of dabs’ silence and did call them on the telephone!
after a great time was the telephone answered and dabs did thank the man and praise his family.
“why hast thou forsaken me, o, dabs?” asked the man,
and dabs did sound very sad and called upon the man to reveal his order number.
and there was much listening to of hold music.
and after 42 days in the on hold wilderness Dabs did return to the man.
“what is thy question about thine order, man?”
and the man was somewhat flummoxed, asking once more: “when will thy courier arrive, o, dabs?
“i am desirous that my order be restored to thy sight.”
and it was the turn of dabs to be flummoxed, saying “thine order has not been returned to my sight, nor has any courier been sent.”
and the man did remind dabs of their promise to send a courier on the wednesday and on the tuesday.
and dabs did apologise, saying, we know not of what you speak – no courier hath we arranged for thou!
and the man did once more gnash his teeth and beat his breast in anger and frustration.
and gently dabs did speak to the man, promising the coming of a courier on the monday
and much forgiveness did dabs desire from the man, but forgive them he could not, saying only,
“well, let’s see if anyone actually turns up on monday, shall we?”

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