Election 2015

wpid-wp-1431007233747.jpegIt’s election day here in the UK and we’ve already voted (Green Party, in case you hadn’t already guessed).

I didn’t want to vote after work (I don’t get home till 8pm as it is!) so the girls and I walked 15 minutes down the hill to our polling station after breakfast. Then we walked 15 minutes back up the hill to school – which is annoying because the girls’ school is also a polling station, and that’s just 90 seconds away.

The Lovely Melanie has written a letter to the council about this outrage.

I wanted the girls to see me voting (the Lovely Melanie is voting before she picks the girls up from after-school club tonight), so they would understand it’s an important thing to do. I let Millie post my completed ballot paper in the box, and on our way back we discussed why anyone would want to vote for the nasty Tory party.

I had to be honest and admit my ignorance, because I don’t understand why anyone would vote for them. It was a interesting conversation – far more so than the one we had going down the hill, about Millie buying a new pencil case. And maybe a little battery-powered sharpener. And some pens.


2 thoughts on “Election 2015

  1. nonsense girl May 8, 2015 / 4:02 am

    how are u going to explain to her that democracy is what voted those Terrible Torries back in (at least that’s what seems likely judging by today’s coverage)…? Aaaah….democracy…

  2. StuPC May 8, 2015 / 9:39 am

    That’s democracy for you, the least bad form of government…

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