Broken weekend!

When even a trip to the hospital can’t quite spoil the fun you know it was a good weekend.

Our great old friends the May family came to visit from Swindon, just bursting with energy and excitement. Unfortunately, little Lily went home with a broken wrist and her arm in plaster and a sling, following a nasty fall on one of London (in-)famous red double-decker buses.

Our kids have been travelling on buses since they were born, so as we came down the stairs to get off the bus I simply didn’t think to warn Lily that there would be a little jerk as the bus came to a stop.

“Hold on with both hands,” I reminded her (as I always remind our two) but with that treacherous little jolt as the bus comes to a full stop she lost her grip and fell down the last four steps.

It was a horrible horrible moment. 😦

Lily was very brave, but deeply shocked, in real pain, and went alarmingly pale. We got her off the bus, hoping it was just a nasty knock, but she didn’t want to move her wrist at all.

Just in case, we took her to Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup, who were absolutely wonderful. Friendly, efficient and professional. They quickly diagnosed a fractured wrist and put it in plaster and a sling – throughout all of which Lily was very brave!

We got back to Bexley after a record-breaking two hours, where Millie, Amber and Jack were all waiting at the end of the road to welcome Lily back. They’d even made her some get-well-soon cards, which was such a lovely gesture I had a lump in my throat. 🙂

You might think the weekend would end there, but the Mays wouldn’t be down-hearted about it and still stayed the night, as planned. All of us enjoyed a delicious dinner cooked by the Lovely Melanie and a few well-deserved glasses of wine.

wpid-wp-1431339838446.jpegThe next day, in the glorious sunshine, we went to the woods and the swings, where Lily understandably gave the death slide a miss but was on everything else with Jack, Millie and Amber.

Here’s are three of them on the pirate ship (Jack had run off to play football with some strangers at this point!)

At lunchtime, we all went to the pub in Bexley Village for a lovely roast, before the Mays had to head home to Swindon, no doubt to regale the locals with tales of stupid buses and wonderful NHS care.

I hope you’ll come and visit again, May Family – but perhaps next time we’ll stick to single-decker public transport!

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