Amber’s Fantasti-Car

Amber and I were home alone over the weekend – the Lovely Melanie was visiting friends in Hatfield and Millie had a sleepover at a friend’s house, so Amber and I stayed home in London.

Given a choice of any film in the world Amber chose to watch 2005’s Fantastic Four – a Marvel movie from an earlier time, one slightly more naive and less realistic. We also had a regular delivery of 25 kilos of chicken food, which came in a large box.


“Does anyone want a cardboard box?” I asked, innocently enough, remembering my own childhood when a cardboard was a rare and valuable item to be treasured!

“MEEEEEE!” shouted Amber, practically diving into it, and proving my theory that cardboard boxes will always be gold for children.

She spent the next hour drawing on with felt-tip pens, turning it into a reasonable facsimile of the Fantastic Four’s Fantasti-Car – not seen in the film, but Amber and Millie are both massive fans of the LEGO Marvel Superheroes game, where it does appear.

I pushed Amber around the floor in it a few times and she whooped with delight.

The Fantasti-Car

Millie arrived home, tired from her sleepover, but as soon as Amber jumped into the Fantasti-Car she wanted a seat, too.

Unfortunately, even 25-kilo boxes of chicken food will not accommodate two girls, so I’ve had to promise Millie she can have the next box.

In the meantime, the Fantasti-Car has acquired a new section made of a beanbag. There are also two new Fantastic Four members – ‘Nuffle Man (a living blanket/’nuffle) courtesy of Millie, and the Human Beef – Amber’s Belle dolly, known as The Beef because in-between washes she acquires a bit of a…beefy…odour.


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