Hot in the city

2am in the morning, I’ve just gotten to sleep on the hottest night of the year after a two-hour journey home with a migraine.

hot weather_mapOur bedroom is baking, I’m utterly exhausted and sticking to the sheets, as is the Lovely Melanie. Then Millie wakes us up to tell us there’s a spider in her room.

The Lovely Melanie tells her we’ll sort it in the morning. Millie starts to whine that she doesn’t like spiders. I tell Millie to get the hell back to bed.

Millie starts to cry. Amber wakes up and asks what’s occurring. I tell Millie to get the hell back to bed.

I’m so hot and tired I almost cry. Millie now is crying about a spider that’s so small we can’t see it.

The Lovely Melanie waves the spider-catcher around in the general direction and declares it gone. I tell Millie to get the hell back to bed.

Stepping back into the bedroom the heat has gone nuclear. I give up and decide to fetch the big fan from the attic. This will require the step ladder.

The Lovely Melanie tells me not to be ridiculous, it’s two in the morning. I’m tempted to point out that it’s also at least 30 degrees C, but instead go downstairs and lie on the hard floor. It is wonderful.

In the distance, the Lovely Melanie can be heard telling Millie to get the hell back to bed…

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