Minion Mayhem at the Movies

When you’re ten years old, the time for birthday parties is past.

wpid-wp-1436175823374.jpegWell, not quite, but there’s a higher level of sophistication expected by your guests.

Which is why on Saturday I found myself at Bella Italia in Bexleyheath with the Lovely Melanie, Amber and four ten-year-olds: Millie’s delightful friends Ione, Megan, Emma and Allyse.

They had a separate table from us, giving the illusion of being grown-ups with the freedom to chat about boys and friends and whatever else ten-year-olds talk about these days. Amber clearly wanted to be sat with them rather than her parents, taking every opportunity to slip away and see what the big girls were doing.

There was a little bit of squealing, about ten group trips to the toilet over the course of an hour and lots of chatter with the waitresses – just like grown-ups. 🙂

wpid-wp-1436175915143.jpegAfter saying ciao bella to Bella Italia with a picture of them all on a scooter (Amber somehow slipping in there, too) we took them all next door to see the Minions movie, which, I confess, was pretty funny.

Stupid, but none the worse for that. 🙂

Here I realised that groups of pre-pubescent girls simply cannot keep their emotions to themselves – they just have to shout “Ahhh…!” or “So cute!” when anything remotely sad or cute happens (seriously, they can’t help themselves. As a boy, I find this weird).

And finally, Millie’s friend Megan came back with us for a sleepover. We would have liked to have all of them to stay but…

Actually, no, what the hell am I saying?? Two excited ten-year-olds were more than enough!

Ahh, no, two excited – but tired – ten-year-olds were just fine, even rather sweet to watch (and occasionally overhear), somewhat awkwardly straddling the gap between children and teenagers. 🙂

And the final act of this tenth birthday is just playing out: after a gentle chat about what she could/should spend her £100 birthday money on (and regular admonitions not to spend it all on cuddly animals or novelty stationery) Millie chose to buy…a tablet.

We spent an exciting afternoon on eBay with me explaining how bidding and buy-it-now worked, as well as the basics to be aware of when buying IT products. The Lovely Melanie dropped by at one point to wryly note that I was loving every second of this – and I couldn’t argue, I was. 🙂

With an absolute maximum of £100 to spend, we found Millie a fantastic £70 tablet, a Nvidia Advent VEGA Tegra Note 7 (no, I know, you’ve never heard of it, but for what Millie wants and can afford it is perfect!).

It should arrive tomorrow (Tuesday). And let’s hope it does because Millie’s talked of nothing else for the last 24 hours. Gotta love that little geek child of mine. 😀

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