School reports

Of relatively little interest to those not genetically related, but Millie and Amber both had glowing end-of-term school reports yesterday. 🙂

Millie, now in Year 5, got an A+ for Reading, and A’s for almost everything else (except Science and  – unsurprisingly – PE).

She also had a lovely summation from her teacher, Mrs Chitambara (also known as “Mrs Chitty-Bang-Bang”), who wrote that Millie has had a “wonderful year” and would be sorely missed. As much as I want my children to grow up smart and educated, this testament to Millie’s (mostly) sweet nature was a real highlight of this year’s report.

Amber’s Year 2 report was also covered in A’s (just a couple of B’s) and her teachers (she has two) particularly complimented her efforts to control her talkative nature. She’s still the chatty, outgoing, friendly little thing she always was, but has improved her self-control (basically, she’s gotten much better at shutting up and listening!)

I was really pleased that Amber’s grade for Maths had gone up to an A for effort and for attainment, but surprised to hear that it’s now her favourite lesson.

Both girls got some extra pocket money and a great big hug for doing so well. 🙂

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