School Summer Holidays

My determination to stay positive following our lovely holiday in Kos remains strong. And how could it not after a day like yesterday? 🙂

wpid-20150730_091433.jpgFirst, there was this piece of paper left carelessly on the sofa by Amber. If you can decode the handwriting it’s a presentation she’s written talking about my BLISS award (you remember the BLISS award, right?)

Where did this come from? Who will she be presenting it to? Are there PowerPoint slides to accompany it? No one knows. She just upped and decided to write a presentation about BLISS awards.

But it made me very happy and earned her a huge hug.

Second, as it’s the school holidays, and I had the day off to look after them, so we went to Peckham to see Inside Out, the new Pixar film.

wpid-20150730_130352.jpgPeckham might seem like a strange choice, but I go there with my friends Nick and Si most Tuesdays to see a film (Tuesday is cheap night at Peckham’s premier cinematic experience, the PeckhamPlex!) I’ve taken the girls to the Bexleyheath Cineworld many times, but that’s a rather soul-less and expensive complex. Peckham’s not the best cinema in the world but, like a slightly down-at-heel old pub, it has personality, which I like.

It’s a slightly smelly and crazy personality, but a personality nonetheless. 🙂

And I discovered you can get from our local station, Albany Park, to Peckham Rye in less than 45 minutes. At least, you can in the daytime.

At 10am yesterday I was in my dressing gown at home looking at showtimes on the computer. By 11.15 the girls and I were stood outside the PeckhamPlex.

To me, that’s remarkable. To you, maybe not so much.

The girls loved Inside Out, as did I, and were completely unfazed by Peckham. Well, except for the obligatory crazy guy roaring and shouting at people inside Peckham Rye station. That left them a little confused, but we could only hear and not see him, so they laughed that off.

And the pièce de résistance for the day? My installation of the brand-new Windows 10 on my PC. I was almost disappointed as it downloaded, began to install and…finished installing, without a single white-knuckle moment.

In the old days when there’d be code appearing on the screen, the monitor would flash, you’d get a cryptic error message and the whole thing would just hang for about an hour. Eventually you’d have restart, ignoring all the warnings that said “DO NOT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER DURING THIS PROCESS!”

Then, following three more ill-advised restarts, when Windows actually started, it wouldn’t recognise your Internet connection, all your thousands of mp3 files would be appended with “Copy” and half your programs would crash when you opened them.

Nope. Windows 10 installed itself, restarted and worked perfectly. Hell, I even like some of the new built-in Microsoft applications!


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  1. I also have upgraded effortlessly to Windows10. It seems the same as 8 to me for which I am very grateful.

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