City camping

Think of camping and you’d imagine fields, woods and farms – the great outdoors, right? You’re not thinking suburban London and catching a bus from your house to a campsite.

Well, maybe you should, because that’s exactly what we did this weekend: caught the 229 from the end of our road to somewhere called Abbey Wood. Just half an hour away, we grabbed tents, sleeping bags, disposable barbecue and – inexplicably, given that every campsite ever has taps – four litres of water.

“Abbey Wood” – sounds nice, but it’s never going to be a tourist destination – sorry Abbey Wood residents. However, nestled amongst the estates and building works, like the wardrobe to Narnia, is the green and pleasant Abbey Wood Caravan Club Campsite.

Abbey Wood Caravan Club CampsiteWith no LeeFest to camp at this year we decided to spend a night there.

Arriving early afternoon, we put up our brand-new tent and let the girls do some cart-wheels across the grass.

Then, we grabbed a bag, zipped up the tent, the girls did some more cart-wheels and went out to explore Lesnes Abbey Woods, just across the road.

It’s a lovely spot – really really lovely. The girls did some cart-wheels, scaring all the crows, then we wandered about the remains of Lesnes Abbey, which are pretty big. It takes a while to do cart-wheels all the way around them, believe me.

Being on top of a hill there are some lovely views of London, and of the woods themselves. In the bright afternoon sunshine it was hard not to smile the whole time. 🙂

Back at the leafy campsite we played cards, cooked some sausages for dinner and did some cart-wheels; the girls made some friends while the Lovely Melanie and I caught up on some reading. We also stared in frank amazement at the three-storey German tourbus-cum-mobile dormitory which pulled in and set up camp. Got to admire that German ingenuity!

When the bats came out and it started to get dim there was just time for a couple more cart-wheels before retiring into the new tent. There we told some ghost-stories, most of which Amber managed to turn into stories about butts, and we all laughed until we fell asleep.

And because we were so close to home, next morning we could get up, do some cart-wheels, have breakfast, do some more cart-wheels, pack up the tent, do more cart-wheels and be home by 10.30am, with the rest of the day to relax and do some cart-wheels.

Will we be camping in London again? Yes, definitely 🙂

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