Good liberal parenting 2

More liberal, Guardian-reading, middle-class parenting over the weekend as I took the girls to their first proper gig – not a “concert”, this was a bona fide “gig” with beer and grown-ups and a band: Haiku Salut at The Lexington, Sunday 9th August 2015.


As a big music fan I’ve been looking forward to introducing them to “proper gigs”, and this Sunday afternoon all-ages affair was just perfect.

Amber made herself at home at the bar downstairs, mesmerised by the spinning bar stools and eating all the cucumber there for (I presume) cocktails.


Millie took her tablet and spent most of the time playing games. but did occasionally look up and deigned to pronounce it all “quite good”.

Here are the two of them sat together on the bar upstairs while the band do their thing.

Without a tablet or ‘phone to play with Amber got bored enough to ask if she could read my copy of New Scientist. The man stood next to us, obviously impressed by such very advanced children, asked if he she always read New Scientist. “Only at gigs,” I laughed.

Thanks to Haiku Salut, who were absolutely spell-binding, swapping instruments, as my friend put it, “like some kind of performance art” and producing a beautifully moving noise.

My first proper gig was to see Five Star at the Swindon Oasis, aged about 13.

Millie and Amber, I’m glad to say, are off to rather a better start. 🙂

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