Crazy, happy times

Crazy times for the Bexley Carters at the moment, as I settle into the new job, the girls reluctantly submit to after-school club again and the Lovely Melanie is summoned for jury service.

Talk about a perfect storm!

Not really a storm, however because the Lovely Melanie’s jury service hasn’t been too difficult so far. There was initially panic about getting home in time to collect the girls, even from after-school club, but so far it’s been no problem. In fact, she’s been getting home earlier than normal!

I’m not allowed to know any of the case details (and if I can’t then you guys sure as hell won’t!) except that M’ludanie Carter is on the case, is not a maverick and finds the whole thing fascinating.

After last week’s frosts and hail (I kid you not, in April!) summer has crashed in upon us, and with the sunshine we took a bus to Shooters Hill – somewhere called Severndroog Castle. Silly name, I know, and nothing to do with A Clockwork Orange (it’s a corruption of an Indian name – more here), but a stunning spot. It’s next to Oxleas Wood and Oxleas Meadow, which is another of those places you’ll be hard-pushed to believe are in London, they’re so big, green and unspoiled.

Oxleas Woods and Meadows, with us, in distance

Severndroog Castle isn’t really a castle, more a folly, but pay the very reasonable £3 entrance fee to climb it and you’ll see some stunning views of London. And not just London – we were told by one of the very helpful volunteers that you can see seven counties from up there.

Having spotted Wembley Stadium in the middle distance I can well believe it!

And finally, what about my new job?

If you’d told me, just a month ago, that going into work would ever be fun again I’d never have believed you. Which just goes to show how wrong you can be.

Barely two full weeks in and it’s transformed me. I’m coming home smiling – hell, I’m going in smiling! Surrounded by smart, sociable, funny, helpful people, at a company that treats its staff very well, doing plenty of interesting, meaningful work that people recognise and encourage… What’s not to like?!

I’ve got a top-of-the-line laptop, been wined and dined, met people from all around the world, sampled some rum with them over lunch, am being paid more for fewer hours (but getting far more done in that time!) and next week they’re sending me to Oslo for a meeting.

Yeah, Oslo in Norway!

And I’m working back in the West End again, which is nice. I still get a out of kick of working there, even after 20 years in London; still can’t quite believe that my route there and back takes me through Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Soho, Chinatown, Regent Street and Oxford Street, to literally across the road from the BBC.

I haven’t felt this happy and grateful for far too long. 😀

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