Freelance happiness

20170815_153640It should be easy to go freelance and make an independent living as a copywriter, especially if you have the best part of ten years’ experience under your belt, right?

Well, I am, even as we speak, taking the plunge as a freelance copywriter.

Near the top of my to-do list is “sort out a proper website”, one that properly sells me as a copywriter; then, take a good, hard look at my portfolio of writing. I mean, for a proper businessman I probably should have more than a folder in Google Docs, right?

But at least I have a proper keyboard – a Rosewill RK-9000V2 – which, for a half-decent typist like myself, is just heaven to use.

And, while we might not be putting down a deposit on a luxury yacht just yet, I do have an ongoing three-days-a-week freelance job (and a supportive wife!) Both have given me the breathing space to resign from my previous job and chase down more work.

Which is good because I love doing this job: I love being paid to write, to do something I’m really good at; love the creativity, the freedom to choose your hours – and not being locked into working in an office.

Every day I sit back from my keyboard and smile at how lucky I am. 🙂

I even quite like the not having people around for most of the day, which has surprised me.

Turns out I enjoy my own company more than most!

So, if you need a fast, friendly and free-thinking copywriter for projects large and small then get in touch today.



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