Work alert!

Oh, crumbs, I’ve got the real chance of work from some lovely new clients! All I need to do is submit a plan and quote, and draw up a “small business package”. In the next few days.

All this is from yesterday when I paid a visit to Hatfield (homeland of the Lovely Melanie) to chat to Hatfield Cycles about a new website, give a talk to a small business group and meet to discuss designs for a leaflet I’m writing for the highly recommended Carrie Hudson Amatsu Therapy.

It was an incredibly productive day. Talking face to face with Paul from Hatfield Cycles was invaluable, and I learned an awful lot from the small business group, not just practical tips but also sharing the highs and lows of being self employed. We’re all a bit nervous about it: not certain we’re ready, concerned we might not make it, but convinced we have to give it our very best shot.

So, thank you, small business ladies of Hatfield, for a wonderful meeting. I wish I was a lady so I could join you more often!

The day was a tiny bit of a struggle because Hatfield is two hours travel from Bexley, and I was still very tired from a hectic weekend. Things weren’t helped by transport problems coming home which meant a three and a half hour journey. On a very cold day. In the rush hour.


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