I can write – why do I need you??

Us copywriters regularly get asked: Why should I hire a copywriter? I know how to write…

MoFaOf course you do. And I know how to run, but I don’t have nearly as many Olympic gold medals as Mo Farah.

Presumably, if you ran a big football team you’d try to save money by not using those expensive professional footballers. Why not save money by getting Dave and Phil from down the pub to play for you for nothing? And Dave’s dad, John: he used to be dead handy in goal, once upon a time.

Think how much money you’ll save! None of those expensive professional wages – Dave and John will bring their own kit, maybe even supply their own halftime oranges! It’ll be so much cheaper!

Until they start to play actual matches against teams who use those pesky professional players, that is.

The need for proper players will then become painfully obvious.

Think of us copywriters as like experienced professional footballers: yes, we cost real money, but the alternative is Dave, Phil and Dave’s dad writing your website.

And nobody wants that.


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