Greek hit? Or miss?

AncientGreeceIt’s a tense day here in Bexley, as we wait to hear what – if any! – part Amber has got in her class assembly about the Ancient Greeks.

Although there was little interest from the boys, Wednesday’s auditions were hard-fought among the girls of class 5GB.

As her parents we’ve been made to listen overjoyed to be to treated to a never-ending repetition an ongoing medley of songs based on Abba hits and tunes from Grease, albeit with Ancient Greek-themed lyrics.

We’re looking forward to seeing this popular rendition of the exploits of Theseus and of Jason – of Odysseus, and many of the other founding myths of Western culture.

And what part is Amber hoping to land? Which of the ever-popular characters of Greek legend does she have her heart set upon? Which 3,000-year-old founding icon of civilisation is to be brought (we hope!) to life by my daughter?

The Homework Fairy.

You know, the Homework Fairy: from Jason and the Homework Fairy, the star of Theseus and the Homework Fairy – that Homework Fairy. The Homework Fairy!

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