Dancing Queen

DancingQueenThere have been more theatrical developments with Amber, who has decided to quit her speaking part in favour of a dance role. Her friend, Izzy, has also done the same.

When I asked “Why?” she told me because it was more fun, but also she’d get more time on stage (which is a typically calculating Amber reason).

Having seen her practising for the auditions to a rather funky piece of Afrobeat, I can’t say I blame her (although, why she has to audition again for the dancing is beyond me).

I’ll try and get some video when she thinks I’m not looking. 😉

That said, we had a little chat yesterday about what gets posted on YouTube, after we found Millie laughing hysterically at one of Amber’s videos: a version of a song called Fake Friends.

The Amber version had lots of hair flicking, cavorting about, finger pointing and…Amber in a bikini.

We’ve had discussions before about being safe when online, something both girls seem reasonably clued up about. We didn’t want to make a big thing about the bikini, but when we asked Amber “Why a bikini?” she just shrugged and, later, deleted the video.

“Would you feel happy doing that dance in a bikini in the street?” we asked her, “Because if the answer is “no” then you don’t want to be posting it for anyone to see on YouTube.”

Plus, y’know, we just don’t need nine-year-olds in bikinis bellowing out songs about fake friends on YouTube.


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