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Why is there no post about Amber’s 10th birthday party on Sunday?

Or Saturday’s trip to the South Bank to see Jacqueline Wilson talk?

Or seeing the awe-inspiring Kevin Rowland DJ at the always wonderful How Does It Feel To Be Loved the same night?

Or my visit to Science Fiction Theatre yesterday, watching The Thirteenth Floor?

All of which would normally deserve a full and frank discussion. Unfortunately, I’m in the midst of one of my regular attempts to copy all of the many years of content from my old website into this one.

There have been some problems with my domain being hacked and used to send tens of thousands of spam emails.

Fortunately, I pay my tech-genius friend Matt Shaw to deal with all that; but to save him some work I’m once again trying to get all of the old content migrated here, onto WordPress.

Most of it is done, but a large block from around 2007 still needs doing. It’s a finicky and repetitive job, but the reminders of Millie Carter, aged one year, are making me smile.

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