Ear piercing, part 2

It’s been six weeks since Amber’s ears were pierced for her tenth birthday. Six long weeks of counting down to taking out the original silver stud and replacing it with one of Amber’s choosing.

Respect to her: she’s been very diligent about the three times daily cleaning routine to ensure it doesn’t get infected.

Respect to us, her family: we’ve very very patiently endured the 60,480-minute countdown.

At very bedtime, we’ve smiled as she told us how many days were left until “E-day” – earring day. We’ve listened to her schedule earrings for the first day, second day, third day, fourth day, fifth day, sixth day…

You get the idea.

EarringAnd, after 60,480 minutes, she came into our bedroom at about 6.45 am for the grand removal ceremony, which turned out to be more difficult than anticipated, since one of the new earrings (pictured) just wouldn’t go in.

There was a tiny bit of panic, some tears, and even a spot of blood, but, you’ll be pleased to hear, everything worked out OK in the end. The first pair in were these fetching turquoise love hearts, soon to be followed by a pair of cherries.

At the time of writing, one ear remained a tiny bit sore, but Amber’s already mastered getting them in and out without a problem.

Now, perhaps we can talk about something else, Amber? 🙂

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