Work in progress

It’s quite tiring being back at work, and there’s not a lot of time for things like afternoon naps or writing a blog.


But if going work is quite tiring then being there is actually rather nice: the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is a lovely place to work. I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s anything other than helpful, agreeable and just…nice.

RPS HQ. I’m on the first floor on the left, behind that silver bit.

Sure, I’ve had the occasional bout of nerves, wondering if I’m really up to the job – because it’s not predominantly a writing role, it’s more of a…well, I’m still not quite sure really: some training, some writing, some project management – a bit of everything, really. But working with a team of smart, friendly people really helps, so after two weeks I’m going to give the new role a big thumbs up. 🙂

Amber’s settling back into what she calls “the place which must not be named” (and which the rest of us call “after-school club”), Millie’s enjoying some Millie-time on her own when she gets home from school, and I’m getting lots of me-time on the train, which never ever seems to run on time anymore.

What have Southeastern been doing while I’ve been working from home??

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