My clever children

Well done to Millie, who took home not one but two achievement awards from school yesterday, one for PPE and one for French.

Millie Achievement AwardsShe knew one award was definitely on the cards, and duly went up to collect her badge and certificate, but was amazed to get called up a second time. Well done, Millie!

Everyone’s a bit confused by the win in French. We could understand the win in PPE, which she enjoys, but French isn’t her favourite lesson, nor one she excels in. We’re assuming it was for effort and attitude as much as achievement.

We also had Millie’s school report this week, which was, as always, very good, too. It can be all-too easy to get blase about your kids’ achievements when they come along so regularly. Millie’s just a very safe pair of hands when it comes to school work: nothing flashy, or heroic, just continually good effort and marks.

She’ll do all right, that one. 🙂

And also well done to Amber who, in a nice piece of serendipity, also struck gold in school, bringing home the title of Achiever of the Week!

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