Thanks, Bliss!

A little bit more fame for the Carters today as the story of Millie’s birth (13 weeks premature) can now be read on the Bliss website.

Millie001It’s under my name because they wanted a Dad’s story to try and attract other dads to volunteer on the Bliss helpline, as I do.

But let’s not mention the award I won last year for “going above and beyond” – I don’t like to talk about that and all the help I’ve given to other parents and families. Let’s just put that to one side for the moment, this isn’t about all my great work for charidee. 😛

Bliss - for babies born too soon, too small, too sickSeriously, however, if you think you could help and comfort anyone with a baby born too soon then visit the Bliss website for more details on volunteering. Any time or help you can offer is gratefully received, and the commitment is only what you can handle.



Er, I don’t actually have anything to say here. The girls are away in Hatfield for half-term and it’s been blissfully quiet and easy, as usual when they’re away.

Without wishing to sound like a drama queen, there are also work-related things rumbling away in the background that are taking up a lot of my time. I hope to explain more of that when the time is right, which – fingers crossed – will be soon.

CityHallLondonThe girls are back tonight, and tomorrow Millie and I are going to City Hall to receive my award from BLISS, the premature baby charity. Amber’s not coming because she has a play date at a friend’s; Millie certainly is because she’s the reason I volunteer for BLISS.

So, that should be exciting, not to mention quite moving (but, to reference my recent Shy Guy? post, I’m damn glad Millie’s coming with me!)

Millie’s birthday

Nine years ago today this blog effectively began – it had been running for a few years before, but previously content disappeared off the bottom of my hand-coded HTML pages it was lost forever.

Perhaps more importantly, and the catalyst for this change, was the birth of Millie, our eldest daughter: three months premature and weighing just 1lb 7oz.

Today, Millie’s a happy, healthy, normal girl –  a nine-year-old girl!  Happy birthday, not-so-little Millie!

Ironically, despite having more free time than ever, I’m finding myself less driven to blog.  There’s still plenty to write about, I’m just not feeling the urge to get it down here the way I used to.

It may be a temporary reduction in my “blog drive” – spent most of last week working on CVs and covering letters and profiles and portfolios – and a birthday story for Millie, which she asked for – so maybe I’m just a little written out right now.

The whole business of finding-a-new-job takes up a lot of time and is incredibly tedious to write about.  There may be more interesting stories when I go to register as unemployed – it’ll be interesting to see if the process is better or worse than it used to be – and when I start getting some responses to job applications through – or even some freelance work!

Top reading group

I’m going to brag about my children a little in this post.  Those of a non-parental disposition might want to…I don’t know, go and browse the Ikea catalogue or something.  Whatever non-parenting grownups do.

Go on, off you go – we won’t be long here.

Anyway, so, Millie’s been promoted to the top reading group in her class – the one where the really smart kids go.

Books books books!As always, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise when you remember that her parents are both writers/editors with a deep love of reading and books.  Millie has grown up surrounded by books – hell, one wall of our dining room is stacked right to the ceiling with them!

And let’s not forget: the Lovely Melanie helped both Millie and Amber to unlock the magic stored in all those pages – spending hours, days and weeks reading them stories as well as patiently unveiling the secrets of how to read.

Me?  I read in front of them a lot and occasionally write books for them.  The lion’s share of the credit isn’t mine.

However, I still remember a dark night early in June 2005; the Lovely Melanie’s waters had broken after just 23 weeks of pregnancy and at Lewisham Hospital a low-voiced doctor was giving us odds of Millie surviving at less than 50:50, and warning that if she beat those the odds of serious developmental problems were equally high.

And just look at her now. 🙂

Millie helps BLISS

Millie holding up BLISS literatureSeems like a long time ago now, but let’s not forget how I first got serious about blogging.

BLISS are planning some promotional work and wanted pictures of some success stories – including Millie who, I’d say, is definitely a success story.