Thanks, Bliss!

A little bit more fame for the Carters today as the story of Millie’s birth (13 weeks premature) can now be read on the Bliss website.

Millie001It’s under my name because they wanted a Dad’s story to try and attract other dads to volunteer on the Bliss helpline, as I do.

But let’s not mention the award I won last year for “going above and beyond” – I don’t like to talk about that and all the help I’ve given to other parents and families. Let’s just put that to one side for the moment, this isn’t about all my great work for charidee. 😛

Bliss - for babies born too soon, too small, too sickSeriously, however, if you think you could help and comfort anyone with a baby born too soon then visit the Bliss website for more details on volunteering. Any time or help you can offer is gratefully received, and the commitment is only what you can handle.


Phone sex

As you probably know, I volunteer on a helpline once a month.  Tonight, I got a call almost as soon as I signed in; it had been a while since I had a proper call so I was quite excited!

ME: Hello, this is the helpline, how can I help you?

LADY: Er, hello, I was looking for the helpline.

ME: This is the helpline, how can I help?

LADY: Um, you’re a man, aren’t you?

ME: Yes.  Yes, I am.

LADY: Oh.  I was hoping to talk to a woman.

ME: Oh, I’m sorry, there’s only me here tonight.  Are you sure I can’t help?

LADY: Are there no women available?

ME: I’m afraid not, you’ve had the most amazing bad luck – it’s really quite unusual to find a man on here.  Can I help at all?

LADY: Er, no, I’d rather speak to a lady.

ME: No problem, just call this number again tomorrow and it will almost certainly be a lady like yourself who answers.

LADY:  Oh.  OK.  Sorry.  And thank you.

ME: You’re very welcome.  I hope they can help you tomorrow.

LADY: It’s nothing personal, I just wanted to speak to another lady.

ME: That’s perfectly all right.  Good night.

LADY: Sorry.

This has never happened before – that someone calls who is uncertain about speaking to a man.

The Lovely Melanie says she probably had a question about “front bottoms” and that’s why she didn’t want to speak to me.

(I’ve purposefully not mentioned the helpline I work on to give a bit of confidentiality, but it’s not hard to discover if you search this site)

School days

The Lovely Melanie goes back to school today – this time voluntarily – to help out as some kind of reading assistant at Hurst Primary.  She’ll read and be read to by the children there; but not our two, as the rules say you can’t work with your own kids or something.  Regardless, I’m jolly proud of her for helping out in her free time.

And poor Millie is a teeny-weeny bit put out by Amber’s popularity at after school club.  Apparently, Millie’s friends keep making a fuss of Amber and saying how cute she is (schoolgirls do have a tendency to go on and on and bloody on about how “cute” things are).  Hopefully Millie, being quite smart and less susceptible to cuteness than some of her peers, won’t be annoyed for long…