Talkin’ ’bout biscuits

Conclusive proof that Millie understands English, even if she can’t really speak it yet.

She knows where the biscuit tin is in our house, and the first thing she usually does when we get in the door is point at the cupboard where the tin is, look at you expectantly and say “Buh“.

Ah, yes, she’s her father’s child; you can’t imagine how pleased I am that she should follow in my footsteps so early on!

Anyway, she’s not allowed biscuits before her dinner, but you have to give her points for trying.

Now, I chatter away to her all the time we’re together, pretending we’re having a proper conversation about stuff, and after she’d eaten her dinner last night I said to her, “Excellent work, first-born of mine, you have earned the right to a biscuit.

Or something like that. But at the word “biscuit” she sat up straight, her head swung round, eyes wide open, and she pointed out to the kitchen.

Buh!” she said excitedly.  “Buh!

I was quite surprised by this so I said again, “Do you want a biscuit, poppet?” And I swear, she gave me the kind of relieved look you give when someone very very stupid has finally grasped what you’ve been saying for the past ten minutes.  And every time I said the word “Biscuit” she did the same thing until we finally went and got a biscuit.


Not just any biscuit either – given the choice of the tin the foolish girl turned her nose up at the All Butter biscuits in favour of a Rich Tea!  Stupid child!

We’ve actually been very slightly concerned that Millie’s not saying any proper words yet – only, as I say, slightly concerned, but the Lovely Melanie was going to mention it at Millie’s hospital check-up later on today.  Now we know that MIllie’s speech centres in her brain are working – that she can understand language perfectly well – she’s just not using it properly herself yet.

The Lovely Melanie has just rung to tell me that Millie’s check-up went fine, as usual. Millie’s a completely normal little girl, for her age.

We’re going to give her a first taste of pancakes tonight, to celebrate.  I suspect she either won’t be interested in them or won’t like them, but you never know…

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