Finding the time to write

Finally, I have a bit of time and space to write something…and I don’t have anything to say!

Last week there were paragraphs floating around in my head about political correctness, about house buying/selling, about why I want to bring Millie up in London, and, ooh, god, just everything!

But for some reason – coughMilliecough – I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find the time and the inclination to write much at the moment. I’m still job hunting, which takes up a bit of time, and we’re still a very busy family generally, what with the house hunting and all, but just now I’m finding it hard work to sit down at the computer and just write.

Even that reliable old staple, the book review, is currently a bit of an uphill struggle, rather than the process of cropping and managing my unruly verbiage it normally would be.

Well, let’s just talk about Millie a bit, shall we? That usually helps get things rolling.

She had a whale of a time in the Peak District, running about with the other two toddlers there, continually being amazed by Shetland ponies and rabbits, geese and swans, cows and sheep, motorway service stations…

Her vocabulary’s expanding by about a word a day at the moment. It’s a patchy and uneven development – words come and words go, and then come back again two weeks later – but you can ask her to do things now, and she’ll do what you say, so she obviously understands much more than she can say.  ‘Millie, can you take this to Mummy?’


And she’ll do it.

‘Millie, it’s bath-time.’


And she’ll go to the bathroom.

But then –

‘Millie, have you read that French translation of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, like I asked you to?’


Although, that does remind me that Millie’s favourite book at the moment is a slim pamphlet entitled Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anarchism…But Were Afraid To Ask. She’ll disappear off to the living room and unfailingly come back with that, to sit in your lap so you can read it to her…

..For about five seconds, before wandering out to the office to rearrange her crayons again.

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