Proper parenting

Don’t be fooled by the cute pictures below (yes, even the sickie one), even as I was writing this page and adding the photos last night I could hear Millie screaming and howling in our bedroom – which, given the length of our flat, is some achievement!

And she didn’t really stop until about 3am.

Yep, 3am. Wailing, howling, screaming, crying, hollering, yelling and more.

God knows why. She’d been fed (and regurgitated it again – that’s our Millie, always sharing…), she’d been winded, she’d been played with, carried around and finally left to her own devices, to wear herself out and go to sleep.

But she never did.

Now, I remember the Lovely Melanie saying, just a few weeks back, “I’ll never complain about her crying – we’re so lucky to have her, I’ll never complain.” Which I kind of nodded vaguely at; but last night even the Lovely Melanie was getting fed up with it.

As somebody pointed out to us – this is what proper parenting is like. 😦

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