Thank you-sorry

Oh, the shame.

No, really. I can’t believe I forgot to say a very very very big thank-you to my old friend Sasha over in the States, and his most excellent wife, Helen (and their two very cute kids, Spencer and James) for the tremendous box of baby clothes they sent us last week. I’m v.v. embarrassed; not least because Millie would have been a much colder baby during our weekend in Brighton – it was clothes from the big box from the States that Millie mostly wore over that weekend, and has largely worn ever since.

Not that she’s short of clothes of her own particularly, but she is kind of in-between sizes at the moment (being a big, bonny 8lb 10oz baby!) and the ones that fit best are – fortunately for us! – the generously gifted ones from the Zbitnoff family over the Atlantic.

So, sorry this has taken so long. I know we thanked you on email but such a fantastically generous action shouldn’t go unnoticed!

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