Liking/Not liking

Things I am liking (a lot) and not liking (at all) this morning:
I am liking – the first track on the new My Morning Jacket album, Z. It’s called Wordless Chorus, and sounds like angels breaking into the studios of Studio One in Jamaica. The rest of the album’s none too shabby either.

I am not liking – women sat next to me on the bus who, when you say “Excuse me, please, would you mind if I could just get past?” (because you’re sat in the window seat and need to get off the bus) look at you as though what you’d actually said was “Could I shit in your mouth?” I mean, honestly, what’s the point of being polite with some people?

Now, with that unpleasantness aside, let’s move onto nicer things, shall we?

First of all: good grief, do I ever ache this morning!

Played five-a-side football yesterday (the actual sides were anywhere between three, four and five-a-side, as stragglers turned up), and having had NO exercise whatsoever since Millie was born, I’m now paying for it. I walk about 40 minutes to and from various bus stops on a normal day and that’s it, and –aye caramba! – am I aware of that today. Ooh…

Still, at least I scored a goal, which is almost unheard of for me; I’m more of a defensive player – which, if I’m honest, is an excuse to cover up the fact that I can’t dribble or shoot. I can tackle, a bit, and pass, sometimes. Yesterday, however, I scored quite a good goal. I wouldn’t quite say that the spirit of George Best entered my body, but it may have been somewhere in the vicinity – perhaps looking in the windows of a pub up the road.

In fact, thinking about it, and flying off at a tangent, perhaps what finished George Best off was the prospect of the new licensing laws. Having fought the booze for so long, George saw that he couldn’t fight 24-hour opening and just…gave up. Certainly the timing of his death and the introduction of so-called “24-hour drinking” is a little suspicious.

And what about Millie? Ah, yes, Millie; who has delighted us over the weekend with lots of chatter and smiles. Obviously she can’t talk yet, but she’s obviously testing out her vocal cords, making all the different sounds she’ll need when she does start to talk. At one point this weekend, when it was just the two of us together, she said, “Hello”.

Now, obviously she didn’t consciously plan to greet her father with a common salutation, and obviously it was just the accidental conjunction of two syllables to make a recognisable word, and obviously it sounded more like “heh-low”, but it made me jump, I can tell you! And it earned Millie a kiss and a hug from her dad (as does pretty much anything she does).

She’s also been trying to suck her thumb, which is hilarious to watch, because it’s currently just about beyond her abilities. She can get a finger or two, or occasionally the thumb, in her mouth, but mostly only by accident and for just a few seconds before they slip out again, and you can see this is really frustrating her. “Stupid fingers!” she’s thinking.

The Lovely Melanie pointed out something rather interesting too: that Millie’s not an evening person/baby. It’s a crying shame because that’s pretty much the only time I normally get to see her during the week, but during the day she’s smiley and chatty, engaged with whoever’s holding her and able to be left to amuse herself for a bit while Mel grabs a cup of coffee. In the evenings she’s muchless inclined to look at people and smile or laugh, and she absolutely will not be left by herself for a moment without wailing. Sigh. 😦

Still, it could be an awful lot worse. 🙂

And finally, does anyone else out there with a baby love just smelling them? I don’t mean the nappies, obviously, I mean, just sniffing the tops of their heads whenever they can? Millie’s head has a wonderful (to me) smell to it. Nothing specific, nothing I can describe, just a sort of lovely human smell.

And then, of course, there’s those chubby cheeks…

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