Traffic and nothing but

Cor, it’s busy on here these days, isn’t it?

Just thought I’d share with you a milestone that I reached yesterday – “My Longest Ever Journey Home From Work“.

Now, I love London, as you know; I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else; but there are times here when you just think “For *%$#@’s sake!!!”, and yesterday, when I finally arrived home after TWO HOURS AND FORTY GODDAMN MINUTES was one of them.

It would have taken even longer but for the fact that I finally got so fed up, and it was such a lovely afternoon/evening, that I decided to get off the bus and walk the last couple of miles down the Old Kent Road to where I could catch a different bus that wouldn’t be stuck in some of the worst traffic I’ve ever seen (the roundabout near the Elephant & Castle was quite a sight to behold – solid with red buses as far as the eye could see…)

This’ll be the last update for a few days because myself, the Lovely Melanie and Millie are going to Weymouth for a long weekend, to stay with my family in a caravan.

I could do with a holiday, frankly…

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