Another (lovely) wedding

We were away over the weekend, in Hatfield for a wedding, something I’ve rather neglected to post about here, despite us having a smashing time.  On behalf of us all I’d like to say a big “thank you” to Mel and Ally for inviting us – we felt very honoured to be there! 🙂

There are some pictures on Flickr (aren’t there always?), although not as many as usual as my camera seemed to really struggle with the light levels at the venue.  Two people who certainly didn’t struggle were Millie and Amber – they were absolutely in their element, running about the place with all the other children there and generally having a whale of a time.  Amber needed to go to the toilet during the wedding speeches and afterwards in a loud and confident voice reassured the entire room that she had, in fact, done a poo.


There was a “sweet shop” in one corner of the reception and all the children made the very most of that; the place was full of sticky-faced children with comically huge lollies permanently stuffed into their mouths – it was a dental hygienist’s worst nightmare.

Amber conked out very suddenly at about 8.30 and was taken home by Grandma and Granddad but Millie, just like last time, kept on until 11.30!  She was completely in awe of Mel, the beautiful bride, in her wedding dress.  Fortunately Mel loves children and was more than happy to dance the night away with Millie rather than with her new husband!

The one sad note of the evening was the ceilidh and live band that Mel and Ally had planned – the ceilidh band were just getting started when an older member of the crowd took a nasty tumble; paramedics had to be called and she was taken to hospital.  As far as I know the lady is OK, but the delay meant that there wasn’t time for the band to play any more.

Dad dancing

Fortunately the DJ more than made up for the lack of ceilidh and there was mayhem on the dancefloor for the rest of the night, not least from all of the children present. 🙂

However, loud music and concentrated doses of brightly coloured sugar couldn’t keep them awake forever and Millie eventually collapsed into my arms and fell fast asleep – just in time for Grandma and Granddad to ride to the rescue once more and take us all back home.

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