A week of celebration begins!

Millie’s seventh birthday celebrations have begun, despite it being another week until she’s actually seven.

The Lovely Melanie did a wonderful job of making today’s family party very special for her and everyone there had a wonderful time.  No, really, it was an unashamedly great day – I hope she looks back on this party and remembers it as a great one.

The main differences this year were that, (i) Nobody got naked, (ii) It was Harry Potter themed, and (iii) there was a lot of singing, as you can see…

It was a real shame that both Uncle Rich & Uncle Trev couldn’t be there, as Millie got a guitar for a present (as you can see in the video) which she loved.  Unfortunately, no-one at the party could play guitar.  But I’m seriously thinking of paying for some lessons for Millie – unless Uncle Rich would like to try and teach her a few chords and we could see if she’s genuinely interested in learning…?

But it was a lovely day and we’d like to thank everyone for making the effort to come and for making it such a day to remember for the girls.

Millie was so very very sweet opening her presents this morning – she squealed with delight and ran round the bed to give us a kiss every time she opened one.  Even I – befuddled by sleep and the hour (6.30am) was delighted in return.

Millie even took the time to thank Amber for the card she had made specially and to compliment her on a job well done.

What a lovely little girl she’s growing up into. 😀


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