A welcome return

Millie and Amber have been away since Saturday evening: four whole days; four days of quiet, simplicity and relaxation.  But at the end of those four halcyon days we’re immensely glad to have them back. 🙂

Racing home from work this evening, in an attempt to try and catch them before they went to sleep, I had visions of me sweeping in the front door and being mobbed by two small people screaming “Daddy!  Daddy!  We missed you!  Daddy’s home, yay!

Welcome home. We missed you, signpostBut then I remembered that real life is seldom quite so Hollywood.  Most likely they’d be half-asleep on the sofa and would each lean over to look around me at the TV as I tried to hug them and ask about their adventures at Grandma and Granddad’s. 😦

Imagine my wonderful surprise, then, when the Doob – already in bed for storytime – gave me a big smile, a hug and a kiss, and we both laughed talking about what we’d been up to while she was away.

Then Millie (always the more affectionate one) jumped into my lap, showed me all the things they’d made whilst away, cracked a joke about me being a bit fat, and helped me to bleed the radiator in her room!

Sometimes – just sometimes – real life can be a little bit Hollywood. 🙂

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